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Open Community Forum on Alzheimer's and other Dementias

April 28, 2015

Last spring the North Shore Health Care Foundation and Care Partners presented a conference on Dementia featuring Dr. Terry Barclay. His clear explanations and up-to-date research engaged a crowd of over 100! Watch the video at under “Events”.
A few notes from the program:  
There are currently 5.2 million Americans with Alzheimer’s with the growing epidemic expected to impact 13 million Americans by 2050. It affects 1 in 9 people 65 and over.
Because the brain changes of Alzheimer’s begin 10-20 years before symptoms appear, it makes sense for all of us to work towards brain health. Look for topics on “Living Well with Alzheimer’s” at
Proven strategies to help maintain brain health: 
Exercise Physical aerobic activity 3-4 times per week include brisk walking, recumbent exercise bike, water aerobics, dancing, or gardening activities.
Nutrition Helpful foods include:  Omega 3 fatty acids      
(2 servings fish weekly), whole grains & phytonutrients. Colorful natural foods with a high nutrient content (blueberries, grapes, dark leafy greens, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, & cherries, & turmeric). 
The Mediterranean Diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables, fish, legumes (lentils, beans), olive oil, nuts, and is low in red meat. 

Cognitive stimulation challenging & varied activities such as reading, writing, drawing, cards & games, dancing, playing musical instruments, group discussions, and cultural events (plays, concerts). 

Reducing stress (including 7 to 9 hours sleep per night)
Reduce alcohol intake 
    2 drinks/day for men, 1 for women
Other strategies 
    Finding meaning and purpose, 
    Focusing on strengths, 
    Keeping relationships strong, 
    Establishing a routine, and  
    Managing health.

Want to help make Cook County more “Dementia Capable”?  Check out the Act on Alzheimer’s website. Call Care Partners if you are interested in being on a local action team.


Alzheimer's and Other Dementia

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