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Cancer Fund
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Cancer fund
North Shore Travel Fund for Cancer Patients

$200 Travel support is  available for any cancer patient in Cook County. If you have a cancer diagnosis, print out a voucher by clicking below, or pick one up at Sawtooth Mountain Clinic. Fill out the simple form, and get it signed by a doctor or nurse to verify. Drop off the voucher at the North Shore Health Care Foundation office in the lower level of the clinic, or mail it to PO Box 454, GM, MN 55604.  We will mail a check in a few days.

The North Shore Travel Fund for Cancer Treatment is a long name for a small program that was started by 1010 Interiors in 2007. Since that time 80 people have received $200 stipends.
The horror of a cancer diagnosis is certainly not reduced by these checks, but the only thing that all the patients have in common is that they are told to go to Duluth or further for tests and
treatments, and no insurance covers the travel. Over the years we have received many gifts for this fund, including the Girls Volleyball Dig for the Cure event, and no foundation funds have been used for it. At this time, the fund is empty. The board voted at a recent meeting to continue to give the stipends as we get requests from providers, but additional gifts will be needed. One method of “supporting health care” that we are do not intend to pursue is grants to individuals for their own care, but we are pleased to pass through these funds. We are in a
position to help anyone in the community, while an individual gift to a friend or acquaintance would often be awkward or impossible. We have many heartfelt thank you notes from recipients or their families.

Many other donations have supported this fund, including the Grand Marais Garden Club, the West End Garden Club and Last Chance Gallery in Lutsen.

Thank You So Much!

Form for Cancer Travel Fund 
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