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The NSHCF proactively identifies opportunities to expand equitable health care and healthy living in Cook County and champions solutions through funding, education, and advocacy.
Cancer Fund
North Shore Travel Fund for Cancer Patients

The North Shore Travel Fund for Cancer Treatment was a program of the Foundation, started by 1010 Interiors in 2007, which offered $200 travel support for any cancer patient in Cook County. The horror of a cancer diagnosis is certainly not reduced by these checks, but the only thing that all the patients have in common is that they are told to go to Duluth or further for tests and treatments, and no insurance covers the travel.

Under the NSHCF, this beneficial program helped nearly 100 patients in Cook County since its inception. Recently, the Cancer Travel Fund was taken over by the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic who has more direct contact wtih patients and a better understanding of their needs, cutting down additional stress on patients. The program is now the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic's Giving Tree Program. 

Thank you to the many organizations, clubs and individuals who made gifts to this program to get it started and sustain it. This is another great example of how the North Shore Health Care Foundation has been able to develop a solution for gaps in health care and build sustainable long-term programs, unique to Cook County.

For information about Giving Tree Program, contact the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic.
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